Mama Monday - Joyce Azria Trojanowski

Today's Mama Monday is Joyce Azria Trojanowski.

We are so excited to have Joyce featured here, she is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met and her words about motherhood and her journey resonate with me and I hope you feel the same.

A little bit about Joyce:

"Hi Play Collective! I’m Joyce Azria Trojanowski, my essence is grounded in the places I give the most. The 2 places I give the most are, as a wife to my husband Ilan and as a mommy to: Noah, Yosef, Levi, Esther, Ora, Chana, and Mordechai. I am also the resident chef of my home, as every night a 10-person dinner is a regular occurrence. I am no stranger to a crowd, as I grew up in a Fashion Family of brands such as, BCBG and Herve Leger. My father, the late Max Azria, had a mission to always invite anyone who he loved to a big Friday night dinner to observance the Shabbat- a tradition I strongly carry forward. On the passion front, I am the President of SWISS1876, a CBD Company that sells the most consistent and accurate CBD Supplement and Skincare products in the world. Our mission is SAFETY and it is that value that we cherish in each CBD product we bring to life. Empowering our personal health and humanity, SWISS1876’s mission is why I am proud to lead this amazing team and work around the clock to share our inspiring products. I am also the proud Author of Choicey Joycie - a spiritual, non-denominational children’s book for ages 3-8 and enjoyed by the inner child in ages 0-120. This is amongst many other projects, lives, and companies in which I share a journey with."

Tell us about Choicey Joycie and how your journey led you to become a children's author.

"I delivered Mordechai, my 7th child, in the same year I lost my father. On my delivery date, I went into the ER with COVID and pneumonia. I was the first COVID birth in my local hospital. I will keep it short; it was not so easy and I didn’t make it out of the hospital quickly. When I did get back on my feet, literally, I was filled with a sense of ONEness. Everyone who prayed for me my baby and my family to be ok, the people who came and cared for my children, and for everyone in the world who wanted to do good and be kind. I know that what pulled me out and kept me optimistic the whole way through was my faith.  But also, as important, the tool of prayer. I was never a victim, never defeated, never hopeless. I was connected in a constant conversation with God. It is what saved me, and I believe, it is a core power tool that must be taught to children. This is not about age or any other description, this is about energy. The energy behind making the right choice and the ability to say is not how big your problems are, but how big God is and how your problems are a gift- tiny in magnitude when compared to this greatness.

Choicey Joycie is the story of a big sister who teaches her brothers and the world that PRAYER can unlock the biggest red doors and that when used with meaning, it has the power to change BAD to SWEET.  Right, that’s the concept! Think back to your most seemingly “BAD” time, or experience etc…How did that effect you as you fast forward? For me, I always look back and see how “the bad” was only “the good” in disguise. For the parts I don’t understand I simply, let those go. I don’t look to understand everything, but I try and take everything as a blessing. Prayer helps me channel that side of the situation. So, when Joycie teaches prayer, she teaches choice. Not for what happened to you, but how you can see it in a more optimistic and empowering way."

What does Motherhood mean to you and how has it made you who you are today?

"I became a mother at 24 years old and I can easily say my son, Noah, brought me awareness. Awareness that I was not the only person in the room, but the person in the room that the entire world is waiting for to exist in her potential and to give to others. Today, I do just that. I try and explore and grow that potential while never loosing sight of others and the bigger picture. Being a mother is learning and doing your best because you can only deliver the work, yet the outcome is in God’s hands. Being a mother is about inspiring each of my children to give back and care for others. I have learned that giving has the most meaning – not the money you spent or the things you acquired, but the places where you give. It is who I am today. Being a mother to more than just my children is a dimension I feel blessed to know and really makes me feel that I can do more in every avenue of life."

BEST Advice you have received or given regarding motherhood.


  • Mommy To-do - Tell your kids you love them a lot and mean it.
  • Regarding everyday health problems (for mommy’s who get scared) - If it doesn’t go away in a week, it will go away in 7 days…
  • Mommy to inner self – You are good enough. You are loved.
  • Mommy who's overwhelmed – If you have to do it - do it with a smile, with gratitude ,and with faith. Know that it will all make perfect sense soon.
  • Life Wisdom – No matter what – BE HAPPY and just do, and when you feel like you just can’t do anymore – do more ( and happier.)
  • Prayer – LOVE and time heals almost anything."

Thank you Joyce!

Joyce's first book, Joicey Choicey can be found on Amazon, here is the direct link:

It is a beautifully written and illustrated book and we hope you enjoy it with your children.


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