Welcome to our Memberships!

Starting June - we will be offering our memberships with tons of benefits, including a monthly support group and a monthly business group for all Entrepreneurs.  Our current customers will be grandfathered into our "Collective" membership at their current rate! Thank you for your continued support.

We are still closed for in-person classes but we are taking all necessary steps to gear up to open again and once we open, we will only be open for members. Members will get to schedule their PRIVATE in-person open play time so your littles can play on their own in a safe environment. In between play times, everything will be disinfected. 

We will be sending an email explaining all of the amazing benefits, which include also a private Facebook group, activity downloads and so much more!

PRESALE will be this week and memberships will start in June. This is the last week you can do any class virtually so if you want to try a class, this is the week to do it!