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Welcome to our Play Collective Family,

Play is an important part of early childhood development and creativity. Our online space provides carefully curated product to stimulate creativity, inspire experiential learning and curiosity in a safe and loving environment.

We focus on the parents' experience as much as the child with quality products for parents self care. We need to remember to fill our cup first!

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality experience and value to our community. 

  • We Play - Playing inspires curiosity and creativity, which develops our children’s imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, emotional strength.  Play is important for healthy brain development. Through play our children socialize and learn to be self-reliant at the same time. It gives them the chance to be independent, in a do it yourself (no helicopter parenting) kind of way.  

  • We Connect - Connecting with our children is really the core of intentional parenting. It is essential that we read and talk to our children right away. Reading stimulates a child’s imagination and expands their understanding of the world. This will develop their language and listening skills by imitating sounds, recognizing pictures, learning words and most importantly hearing our voice.  Playing music and singing to our children is also a great way to connect by expressing feelings and telling stories.  Music helps our children with coordination and movement, developing their motor skills, and improving overall wellbeing by creating happiness and relaxation.
  • We Collaborate - Collaboration is important because it helps our children understand the value of working together, encouraging cooperation in group activities and studies have found that families who play together are more cooperative, supportive and have better communication skills. Collaborating with others empowers them to be curious about the world and care about our environment and other cultures.  Supporting diversity in early childhood helps children’s self-confidence, increases awareness, appreciation and inclusion of diverse beliefs and cultures. It is important we create a better environment and world for our children by working together and supporting each other.

  •  We Care -  Caring for our children and for ourselves is essential in healthy development. As a parent it is important we invest in our body and mind so we can better attend to our children. This is key in intentional parenting. We need to make sure we are eating well, getting enough sleep, doing physical and mental activity so we can continue to grow and learn. We need to fill up our cup first before we can pour into our children’s cup. We encourage our parents to practice self-care for better mental health to reduce parenting stress and burnout.  We focus on our parents as much as we do on our children, we often do meditations in class to relieve stress and focus on mindfulness.  We always check in with our parents and focus on how we can better serve.

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