Things to note before you visit us!

  • Main parking & entrance is in the back
  • The play space is a no shoe zone
  • Children can wear socks with grip or be barefoot
  • Adults must wear socks 
  • Please leave your shoes & bags in the cubbies
  • Snack time can only be enjoyed in the reception area or upstairs in the lounge
  • No food or beverage in the play space please
  • There is no time limit for the day pass, you can play as long as you can
  • No ins or outs, so it's valid while you are there, you can't leave & come back later
  • Price is per child, adults are free
  • All Patrons must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before playing on any equipment.  Please continue to do so as necessary. 
  • If your child has been sick, to be able to play at the Play Date they must no longer show any signs of illness.  That includes colored mucus, excessive coughing and frequent bathroom trips.  If your child displays any of these signs we will have to ask that you return when in a healthier state to help ensure other children are less likely to fall ill. 
  • We know getting sick is a part of growing up but we try our hardest to provide a clean environment where children and parents can play at ease. Please aid us in the investment of our communities health. 

Contact for any additional questions

We look forward to sharing our space with you & your littles!~